Let's talk about relationships & self care - Wednesday 31st January 2018
Let's talk about relationships - Wednesday 31st January 2018
Let's talk - relationships on Tuesday 12th December 2017
Women at the top (Member only event) - Thursday 16th November 2017
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Sunday 13th August 2pm - 8pm - Summer celebration and festival
Bend so you don't break 2 - Sunday 13th August 2017
Click to attend - What does natural mean in 2017 #2? - Saturday 20th May 2017
CEO and leadership masterclass - Tuesday 28th February 2017 - Click image to book today.
Apply to join our Board of Advisors or mentor - Inspire YOUth Academy
Women at the top - House of Commons 2016
Inspirational YOU summer masterclass & networking evening - Wednesday 17th August 2016 - Click on the image to book.
Women at the top - House of Commons - Tuesday 24th November 2015
IY In The City - Autumn masterclass & networking evening on Wednesday 9th September 2015
Fashtech masterclass & networking evening - Thursday 21st April 2016
IY in the city - Wednesday 9th September
The power of technology (Pt 3) - Wednesday 10th June 2015
Career, enterprise and networking evening - Tuesday 9th June 2015
Power of technology masterclass - Tuesday 31st March at the Impact Hub in Brixton
Fashion industry masterclass - 26th February 2015
Time to raise the bar - Inspiring Women on Wednesday 21st January 2015
Women who inspire - Inspire Balance at the House of Commons - BOOK TODAY
Sonia Meggie wins Positve Role Model award
Sonia Meggie, role model / entrepreneur from London has been nominated for the Positive Role Model Award for Race, Faith & Religion at The National Diversity Awards.
Women who inspire (Masterclass) - Nottingham
IY Live Nottingham
Get ahead in the Media & Entertainment industry
Be Inspired Nottingham!
Women who inspire LDN - Wednesday 28th May 2014
Fashion Masterclass - Tuesday 25th February 2014
Be inspired and connect with success leaders - Tuesday 18th February 2014
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As a social enterprise, Inspirational YOU rely on membership and in-kind support to continue.

As of 2017 we will offer various levels of membership.  During November 2017, this will be on special offer.

  • Student
  • Individual

Student membership

Your student membership will provide you with a range of benefits to support you in both your studies and your future career, giving you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs or setting up your own business.

Price and eligibility criteria

  • To be eligible for our student membership you must currently be a student (sign up with this email address) at a recognised university or have graduated within the last two years (evidence required).
  • The discounted student membership price is currently £15.00 per year.


  • As a student member you will have access to our leadership panel.
  • This involves expert support from our speakers who consist of - entrepreneurs, chairs, ceo's, business leaders, employers, coaches, HR specialists or legal experts.
  • You will be able to communicate directly with them in person at each event.
  • Entry to two events
  • Our student membership gives you access to all student events
  • A dedicated programme of student events and networking opportunities and access to our Annual Women At The Top masterclass at the House of Commons that consists of a stellar line-up of headline speakers and thought leaders from the worlds of politics, media and business.
  • Your student membership gives you access to the placement and internships.

Student online community

  • Student membership entitles you to be a part of our LinkedIn group.
  • This elite network of professionals, entrepreneurs, directors and business leaders is a perfect place to get your name and your business known among key influencers.
  • The network can also be an invaluable sounding board, provoke interesting discussion and provide a great source of feedback.
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Individual membership and benefits

  • Includes entry into three events during February 2017 - February 2018 or November 2017 - October 2018
  • Priority seating at all events
  • Priority booking and discounted invitations to Masterclasses and Discussions where you will learn from first-class speakers.

  • Receive invitations to a wide range of events, including exhibitions, private views and exclusive talks
  • £25.00 is a special offer during November 2017
  • Bi-Monthly e-news bulletins keeping you up to date with events and opportunities.
  • Access to an additional service such as a one to one coaching session, potential mentor or personal branding session
  • Discount from various online brands
  • Introduction to an accountant who supports small businesses
  • Opportunity to get involved with Inspirational YOU via our panels, volunteering, mentoring or shared job opportunities.
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