Munroe Bergdorf - House of Commons - Thursday 16th November 2017

Munroe Bergdorf

House of Commons

Thursday 16th November 2017


Best known for channeling her unique blend of honesty and openness, the transgender model is making waves as one of the only influencers raising awareness of social issues that are affecting thousands of people across the world today. Munroe shares her life experiences as well as talking about sensitive subjects and topics some perceive as ‘taboo’; challenging stereotypes on gender, race, diversity and sexuality.

Munroe’s true passion lies in her charity involvements, sharing her story and extending her hand of friendship and support amongst communities. Her mission is to inspire young people to overcome adversity and challenges. Munroe was the first transgender model to be selected for a UK beauty campaign, which was intended to represent diversity. Her story became global news when she spoke out on racism to only then be dropped by the brand for speaking about the topic. This triggered a worldwide debate about systemic racism, equality and also questioned brands intentions for selecting models based on ‘tokenism’.

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