Natalie Sigona - House of Commons - Thursday 16th November 2017 (2)

Natalie Sigona

House of Commons

Thursday 16th November 2017


Natalie is a Global Diversity & Inclusion consultant at Rolls-Royce - a global engineering organisation. She has held a variety of HR positions in Rolls-Royce over the last 17 years.


For the past 6 years Natalie has specialised in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). She is noted for her genuine passion and expertise on the subject. 


Natalie is passionate about cognitive difference and creating an inclusive ‘thinking environment’ which allows inclusion and diversity to thrive. She is often invited to be a panel member and external speaker on the topic of D&I and enjoys generating awareness and light bulb ‘aha’ moments .Natalie loves driving change through understanding and engaging with different people in an open, honest & authentic way.


Natalie is a member of a mental health steering group. She is particularly passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health and creating an environment where everyone can speak up and bring their best self to work.


Natalie works as part of a senior management job share and has two young children, Gino and Lola. Her partner Ian works day and night shifts as a firefighter. Changing shift patterns and important work and childcare requirements had meant Natalie has had to learn how to flex her diary (and mind!) and juggle! She has also had to ‘bounce back’ from realising you simply can’t please everyone all of the time!


Natalie is keen to pass on her learning and help others build self-esteem and confidence to be their best. Natalie is a mentor and coach to women of all ages. She’s published an article on work-life balance and enjoys working in schools, encouraging young people to embrace their difference and be inclusive of others’ difference.

Natalie is a member of Toastmaster’s International which focuses on public speaking and leadership development. She is also an accredited personal and business coach. In her spare time Natalie enjoys being with her friends and family, running to keep mentally and physically fit and organising community charity shows.